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Model the way of Recovery

How does one model the way of recovery? This differs from person to person. Often, the term is used to describe individuals who set standards, apply skillsets in diverse environments to make the most out of life on their recovery journey, while holding themselves accountable for their actions. This is accomplished and demonstrated by making [...]

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5 Awesome Recovery Toolbox Items

What supportive items are in your recovery toolbox?  As we grow in our recovery, we add specific tools (skills) to our boxes.  Below is a list of items geared to have supportive purposes to add to your toolbox. 5. Volunteering Volunteering offers socialization, community, and skillset building, as well as a strong feeling of doing [...]

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Why Celebrating Recovery Publicly Matters

I used to think I was alone, that no one cared. This was supported by when I screwed up, everyone pointed it out. When I excelled well beyond their expectations, I got silence! In fact, it was as if nobody cared by the amount of success I’d worked so hard to achieve. Suddenly, my SUCCESSwas TOP SECRET! [...]

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