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“Recovery Stories: Coping with Covid-19” – June 2021

The line “Keep the rage tender” from the poem “Therapy” by Nayyirah Waheed expresses how I feel about the year 2020. I was angry, depressed, and grieving about what happened last year; but having a kind heart toward myself and others softened the blow. I have learned to live softly and slowly in this new normal. This [...]

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“Recovery Stories: Coping with Covid-19” – May

How I survived in my recovery dealing with Covid-19 - the greatest pandemic in my lifetime:  I work at The P.E.E.R. Center where being available to our Associates is my life's mission.  I appreciate my job so much, then the pandemic grew all over the world.  I remember Governor DeWine announcing that Covid-19 lived among us and [...]

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Recovery Stories: Coping with Covid-19 – April

My Covid-19 recovery story. I was very anxious; I felt uncertain, so I had to get staying busy working from home. We closed the centers, extended hours on the Warmline, added more staff to the Warmline schedule; I worked with other supervisors to help our staff use their peer support skills over the telephone. I trained [...]

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“Recovery Stories: Coping with Covid-19”- March

My story about coping with the COVID pandemic that started last March: At first I was working from home, which I did not mind, but I had to re-adjust to using a laptop and not having my big monitor screen. I also had to adjust to working off a TV tray and not having a copier-just my [...]

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“Recovery Stories: Coping with Covid-19”- February

As of March, 2020, when the news broke about Covid 19, I made the decision to temporarily move from my nine-person, four-generational home to a three-person home with friends who were as careful as I was about remaining free of this deadly virus. We all were careful to follow CDC guidelines to wear masks when [...]

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“Recovery Stories: Coping with Covid-19”- January

The last few months we have been featuring "Recovery During Covid" stories from our awesome TPC team, seemed fitting that on our "14th anniversary" newsletter issue that I should share what recovery during COVID looks like from the leader's perspective. Too often the leaders are expected to be that calm steady-the-ship force during crisis. Double [...]

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“Recovery Stories: Coping with Covid-19”- December

Since the onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic, I have discovered many things about myself and how to maintain and manage my recovery.  When it all began, I was very scared, anxious and stressed about what it would mean for myself and those I care about.  When The P.E.E.R. Center had to close for in person [...]

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“Recovery Stories: Coping with Covid-19”- November

In March 2020, I started a new chapter in my life. I was hired as a Peer Support Specialist at The P.E.E.R. Center. This was so new to me. I started my orientation which was a week long. By my last day of orientation, the center had to close because the city of Columbus was [...]

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“Recovery Stories: Coping with Covid-19”- October

My recovery story in coping with Covid-19 is unique in a lot of ways. I started reading about coronavirus (Covid-19) in December 2019. I was watching the news one night and they reported in China people were coming down with a mysterious illness and a lot of people were dying and I remember saying to [...]

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“Recovery Stories: Coping with Covid-19”- September

As Covid-19 took many people by surprise I was no exception.  I have been working two jobs, going to school, and managing recovery for dual-diagnose for about a year. When the pandemic hit Ohio my life took a drastic turn that seemed on the outside to be worse than what it really wound up being. [...]

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