As Covid-19 took many people by surprise I was no exception.  I have been working two jobs, going to school, and managing recovery for dual-diagnose for about a year. When the pandemic hit Ohio my life took a drastic turn that seemed on the outside to be worse than what it really wound up being. First me slowing down was always suggested although it has been my consistent doing that really holds me focused on my goals and in line with my recovery. Now all the sudden everything comes to a grinding halt and I am forced to slow down. Recovery always says God will do for you what you cannot do for yourself and here I am. Working from home, doing my school work from home, and then being furloughed from Hot Chicken Takeover.  It was like I was being sent to my room and grounded until further notice. My recovery foundation tells me to go with the flow and get what I need in the midst of trials by using my tools. It has been a practice that has since become a habit. With financial struggles came my determination because I was convinced God did not bring me this far to drop me off. I looked to my fellow co-workers at The P.E.E.R. Center, my mentor, my spiritual coach, my sponsor, my fiance, and my friends in recovery to give me the support I needed to give me motivation. I am a people person and this was hard. Then I was stressed about financial issues and how this would effect everything I had worked so hard for. My faith is strong. I knew I hadn’t been brought this far to be dropped off so I fed my faith and hope. I kept believing that my God would take care of me but that a faith without works was dead. I prayed, prayed, believed, hoped. Put applications in everyday to find something to supplement the income I lost. I hesitantly sought an administrative withdrawal from one of my classes that I felt would be done better once in class instruction resumed. I never stopped reaching out for support, I woke everyday to do my devotions, and I never quit believing that my God would care for me as He had always done. I took my chances applying for jobs anywhere essential. Three weeks ago FedEx called me and told me I got the job and I was ecstatic. I knew I would be ok. I kept taking care of myself, began eating a healthy diet, finishing my class online, and going to Church every Sunday through Zoom. Everyday still looks like recovery for me as it will for the rest of my life. Recovery is a lifestyle and love I choose daily. I wake up with it. A day without it would feel really strange. Once upon a time I thought I could not live life without drugs and dysfunction….now I can’t imagine living without my recovery. It goes with me in the best of times and takes care of me in the worst of times. I am always a better person for it.
Thanks for allowing me to share.Angela V.
Peer Support Specialist
The P.E.E.R. Center