My Covid-19 recovery story.

I was very anxious; I felt uncertain, so I had to get staying busy working from home. We closed the centers, extended hours on the Warmline, added more staff to the Warmline schedule; I worked with other supervisors to help our staff use their peer support skills over the telephone. I trained a lot of the center staff on how to work on the Warmline. We all checked in on each other and had staff meetings more often online over Zoom and Microsoft Outlook Teams.

I had to get used to using my laptop; I put a fold-up table in front of my living room window so I could see the spring, summer, fall, and winter days. I worked remotely so I could get documents from folders on our company drive. I missed my desk at work, it just didn’t feel the same.

I did telehealth visits with my health providers; I felt stuck I had to share a space with my gamer son who is so loud; I had to make him get up for school instead of video playing games, and he could not stay focused.  His teachers were texting me to remind him to turn in work. I had to be a stay-at-home Mom. I sorted through a lot of clothes to donate, housework, laundry, and cooking oh my. 🙄

I turned my backyard into a resort I bought a cheap hot tub and had a staycation.
I spoke to my family over the Facebook Portal; I had really interesting conversations with my three-year-old granddaughter. I binged watched a lot of series on Netflix and Hulu. I played Pokémon Go from home with remote passes. By the way, I finally made it to level 40, I also play Candy Crush Saga. I stayed entertained.

I want to give special thanks to everyone who kept the ship sailing at The P.E.E.R. Center, especially my supervisor Deidra J. for always being kind and having a listening ear.

Stay safe everyone we are not out of the woods yet! 🦋

Susie S.
Program Director