My story about coping with the COVID pandemic that started last March: At first I was working from home, which I did not mind, but I had to re-adjust to using a laptop and not having my big monitor screen. I also had to adjust to working off a TV tray and not having a copier-just my fax and printer which would only hold about 25 pages of paper and so scanning was interesting. I think for the first three to four weeks of “stay at home” I worked a minimum of 70 hours a week. At least I was familiar with working remotely.

Then one Monday I hit a wall. I could not wake up when my alarm went off-which has never happened, and I felt weak, had a headache and was not myself. I had a meeting at 11am and I just could not make it. At first I thought “oh no, do I have the virus?” However, the next day after sleeping 13 hours straight, I felt better.

First thing I had to do was to stop working so many hours, and do what is needed to make sure my job is complete and my direct reports are working at home and keeping busy. Start back to my exercise routine every day. Drink water-at least eight glasses a day. Start eating better.

I made myself a better working area, with a good desk chair and a filing cabinet.

I did miss the going out every Friday night and Ohio State Football was not the same. Then I started catching up and watching movies I had never seen. I stayed away from the news because it is always bad. I  found that I enjoyed watching funny movies and shows and laughing more.

I love to cook so I started finding new recipes and having fun. One recipe I found that I love is sweet potato rolls. I have been making them every week since Thanksgiving. They are much better because I know the ingredients that I am putting into them.

Thought for the day – take better care of yourself for your recovery. Get plenty of rest, exercise and drink water. Watch funny shows on TV because there are plenty of those and laugh.

Stay safe and in your bubble and we will get through this.

Diane C.
Director of Finance