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“Recovery Stories: Coping with Covid-19” – August

As news of this virus began to spread, my anxiety did increase a bit. I have a family to worry about and underlying health conditions. Fueled in part by the massive amount of news coming in, I quickly stopped the news watching, and daily briefs. I limited my contact with the outside world. There was a [...]

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Five Ways to Support Someone in Need

Listen – Active listening is crucial to understanding what help is needed. Ask yourself: Is this person in danger or in crisis? Is this person a threat to themselves or others? Is this person wanting something specific?   If the answer is yes to A or B, call 911 or get the person to the [...]

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Why is coffee important to The PEER Center?

Coffee is a drink prepared from roasted coffee beans, which are ground and then brewed with near-boiling water to produce the beverage we all know – and many of us worship -- known by names like cup of joe or java. However, at The PEER Center, a cup of coffee is much more than the dictionary definition above. [...]

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PEERdance & Walk 2018 Was a HUGE Success

The chance of rain could not stop what would become a record-breaking event in The PEER Center’s history. Moreover, it did not stop the celebration of recovery. Our community responded overwhelmingly as the 5th Annual PEERdance & Walk fundraiser topped out at $20,403, coming within $100 of doubling last years’ efforts! Fundraising wasn’t the only [...]

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The PEER Center top 10 of 2017!

2017 was a record setting year. Below is our 2017 Top 10 accomplishments for The PEER Center.   #10 Celebrated the 4th Annual PEERdance & Walk event with music and entertainment provided by: DJ Michael Porter, The WellJam Experience, and The PEER Center’s Wellness Wobble dancers. The event featured exhibitors, awards, and The PEER Center’s [...]

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Six reasons to attend a support group

While going to a group might seem uncomfortable, unnecessary, or something for “those people”, have you been to a group? Not all groups are alike, facilitated by the same people, 12-step, nor require participation from persons in the group. It can take going to a group more than once or even to more than one [...]

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Model the way of Recovery

How does one model the way of recovery? This differs from person to person. Often, the term is used to describe individuals who set standards, apply skillsets in diverse environments to make the most out of life on their recovery journey, while holding themselves accountable for their actions. This is accomplished and demonstrated by making [...]

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5 Awesome Recovery Toolbox Items

What supportive items are in your recovery toolbox?  As we grow in our recovery, we add specific tools (skills) to our boxes.  Below is a list of items geared to have supportive purposes to add to your toolbox. 5. Volunteering Volunteering offers socialization, community, and skillset building, as well as a strong feeling of doing [...]

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Why Celebrating Recovery Publicly Matters

I used to think I was alone, that no one cared. This was supported by when I screwed up, everyone pointed it out. When I excelled well beyond their expectations, I got silence! In fact, it was as if nobody cared by the amount of success I’d worked so hard to achieve. Suddenly, my SUCCESSwas TOP SECRET! [...]

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What is The P.E.E.R. Center and PEERdance?

Simply put, The PEER Center is a consumer operated drop-in center for people living with mental illness, addiction, and/or trauma. We operate two centers in Columbus, Ohio, and are open 365 days a year. All of our services are free. The "PEER" in PEER Center is an acronym for Peers Enriching Each others' Recovery. We provide a safe [...]

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