Simply put, The PEER Center is a consumer operated drop-in center for people living with mental illness, addiction, and/or trauma. We operate two centers in Columbus, Ohio, and are open 365 days a year. All of our services are free.

The “PEER” in PEER Center is an acronym for Peers Enriching Each others’ Recovery. We provide a safe place where individuals receive respect, encouragement, and hope that supports and strengthens their recovery in mental health, addictions, and trauma.

Their purpose is to provide immediate support to people in need. Because we are a drop-in center, all someone has to do is show up and follow the code of conduct, which keeps everyone safe. No referrals are needed and everyone 18 and over is welcome.

Every member of our staff – from front line peer supporters to management – lives with mental illness, addiction, and/or trauma. The people who work here don’t just talk about how to be well; we live in recovery. Peer support is a vital tool to have in a person’s wellness toolbox and we excel at walking the walk and talking the talk. We know what to do because we’ve done it.

“The best part about The PEER Center is that everyone is welcome and it’s a place to feel supported and safe,” says an associate (what we call the folks who use our services) who asked to remain anonymous. 

The PEER Center Needs Your Help!

And we want you to get involved!

We are currently looking for Dance Captains and corporate sponsors for PEERdance on the morning of September 24th, 2016. (Yes, that is a bye week for you Buckeye fans out there!). PEERdance is our signature community event and fundraiser designed to showcase that recovery happens every day. While society is quick to focus on negative outcomes of mental illness, addiction, and trauma we want to highlight that recovery is possible.

Our Dance Captains are the key to the success of our event. By creating and leading a dance team you will ensure that our services continue to remain available and free for our community. Don’t worry, it’s easy and while dancing is encouraged – it isn’t necessary.

And we are here to help you every step of the way.

Mark your calendars to come on down and listen to music, enter the T-Shirt contest, show your support, and celebrate recovery with us.

To sponsor, sign up, or for more information please contact Gabe Howard at